Crochet Choker Scarves To Pass The Time

One day while talking with a crafting colleague, I discovered that she didn't like long scarves because they always got caught in doors and zippers and things and was fortunate to have a mother that handcrafted miniature versions that could be neatly tucked into the collar of her coat.

That conversation got me thinking about my own dislike of scarves and how much simpler things would be if we could just wrap something around our necks and button it into place. As soon as we said our goodbyes, I pulled out some yarn and created this choker scarf.

One thing I like about crocheting is how cheap of a hobby it is! A $5 ball of yarn, a $3 crochet hook, and your set.

But the best part about crocheting has to be how calming it is on the soul. Whether you play some relaxing music, put in a comedy, or sit on the porch enjoying the evening stars, the act of crocheting can alleviate your stresses and calm your anxieties.

If you're interesting in picking up crocheting as a hobby, there are a ton of free how-to videos on Youtube. Give it a try, you just may surprise yourself.

Photos by Alyice Edrich. Copyright, Alyice Edrich